S728N - AFTERMARKET BRAND Starter Solenoid

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Brand Name AFTERMARKET BRANDWeight 0.0000LB
New vs. Reman NewDuty Cycle Intermittent
Grounding BaseMounting 2-Hole Flange
Quality StandardTerminal Qty 3
Describes Type Control Relay

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Cross References

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
S728NAFTERMARKET BRANDDirect Replacement
SNLS-273RCPDirect Replacement
7-728AFTERMARKET BRANDDirect Replacement
6620-2862PICDirect Replacement
7-728ZORKOSDirect Replacement
0-331-101-006BOSCHCan Use
0-331-101-005BOSCHDirect Replacement
0-331-100-016BOSCHDirect Replacement
0-331-100-019BOSCHDirect Replacement
0-331-100-021BOSCHDirect Replacement
0-331-100-025BOSCHDirect Replacement
0-331-101-008BOSCHDirect Replacement
0-331-101-009BOSCHDirect Replacement
2-339-101-050BOSCHDirect Replacement
BO2-6027NJUST PARTSDirect Replacement
6620-2869PICDirect Replacement
SNLS-273BRCPDirect Replacement
7-1192ACCURATEDirect Replacement
7-728ACCURATEDirect Replacement
6660-4121DIXIEDirect Replacement
BO-639AMSCO VALLEY FORGEDirect Replacement
BO-972AMSCO VALLEY FORGEDirect Replacement
133554CARGODirect Replacement
SB-08367AIMDirect Replacement
02153IATDirect Replacement
901ZM ZENDirect Replacement
903ZM ZENDirect Replacement
ZM901ZM ZENDirect Replacement
ZM903ZM ZENDirect Replacement
5000587447RENAULTDirect Replacement
7701004960RENAULTDirect Replacement