RVR37 - Regitar, Lucas Mechanical Regulator 12V, 22-25A, Negative Ground, B-Circuit; Used on C40 & C40T Generators on Ford Tractor, MG & Triumph

Direct Replacement REGITAR - Direct Replacement


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Brand Name REGITARWeight 0.0000LB
New vs. Reman NewApplication Lucas C40 & C40T Generators on Ford Tractor MG & Triumph Applications
Circuit Type B-CircuitDescribes If Can Be Adjusted Yes
Mounting FirewallQuality Premium
Terminal ID Neg-Arm-Light-Fld-Pos-PosV Set 14
OEM Ford | LucasWeight (Lbs) 1.03
Polarity NegativeAmps 22-25
Volts 12Type of Unit Generator
Terminal Quantity 6Describes Type Mechanical

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