2-339-303-229E - AFTERMARKET BRAND Starter Solenoid

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Brand Name ZM (ZEN)Weight 0.0000LB
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Cross References

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
2-339-303-229EZM (ZEN)Direct Replacement
60-BO288ACCUMAXDirect Replacement
10-BO288ACCUMAXDirect Replacement
0-331-303-039BOSCHCan Use
0-331-303-050BOSCHCan Use
0-331-303-060BOSCHCan Use
0-331-303-062BOSCHCan Use
0-331-303-072BOSCHCan Use
0-331-303-079BOSCHCan Use
0-331-303-081BOSCHCan Use
0-331-303-091BOSCHCan Use
0-331-303-145BOSCHDirect Replacement
0-331-303-562BOSCHCan Use
0-331-303-581BOSCHCan Use
0-331-303-645BOSCHDirect Replacement
2-339-303-209BOSCHCan Use
2-339-303-223BOSCHCan Use
2-339-303-229BOSCHDirect Replacement
2-339-303-291BOSCHDirect Replacement
2-339-303-311BOSCHCan Use
2-339-303-406BOSCHDirect Replacement
2-339-303-407BOSCHDirect Replacement
2-339-303-433BOSCHDirect Replacement
2-339-303-434BOSCHDirect Replacement
BO2-6068NJUST PARTSDirect Replacement
6620-2008PICCan Use
6620-2008BPICCan Use
6620-2804PICDirect Replacement
6620-2805PICDirect Replacement
6660-1210DIXIEDirect Replacement
BO-630AMSCO VALLEY FORGEDirect Replacement
SB-08212AIMCan Use
86BB-11390-AAFORDCan Use
583667PEUGEOTCan Use
58366721PEUGEOTCan Use
95655221PEUGEOTCan Use
23343-D9700NISSANCan Use
7701029305RENAULTCan Use
7701030316RENAULTCan Use
7701033043RENAULTCan Use
7701036252RENAULTCan Use
7701036520RENAULTCan Use
7701036632RENAULTCan Use